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ssanti ways ☆ BLOCKBtime: So here's how the polling went for "Strongest Debuts of 2011" by MTVK for Boy Bands →



and BBCs were all like

so we couldn’t just all sit here and accept Block B being second to last

so we went on voting like madmenBBCs!

and Block B was rising in the polls, passing by B1A4 and X-5

and we were getting close to Boyfriend!


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Video source credit: 7ONTHEBLOCK

Video source credit: 7ONTHEBLOCK

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horse-k asked: and here I was thinking I'm the only 1 who loves making random Block B macros.
Glad I found you guys :)
I'm the one who made all the Block B macros you reblogged from fuckyeahkpopmacros
not that this is any kind of suggestion for a macro
sorry I just had to spazz a little


Ahaha. Glad you like our macro-ness!
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I was wondering who was making all those macros…they’re great! ^^

No need to say sorry~spazzing is fun :D

- Po 

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