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The only place where you can find all the macros of the swagga Block B. ^^

Omo I didn’t know this even existed oAo so dae to the bak

I have done a few Block B maccros if you are interested. Here’s a few I posted :) (I don’t have more posted because of my crappy internet

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If anyone is interested in bringing blockbmacros to life and carrying it on

please message us! The original admins do not want to let our beloved followers wallow in sadness if we leave (ultimately deleting the blog). So please please message us! We will accept as many applicants as we deem necessary, but this doesn’t mean we will accept 163834 applications.

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ssanti ways ☆ BLOCKBtime: So here's how the polling went for "Strongest Debuts of 2011" by MTVK for Boy Bands →



and BBCs were all like

so we couldn’t just all sit here and accept Block B being second to last

so we went on voting like madmenBBCs!

and Block B was rising in the polls, passing by B1A4 and X-5

and we were getting close to Boyfriend!


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Video source credit: 7ONTHEBLOCK

Video source credit: 7ONTHEBLOCK

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horse-k asked: and here I was thinking I'm the only 1 who loves making random Block B macros.
Glad I found you guys :)
I'm the one who made all the Block B macros you reblogged from fuckyeahkpopmacros
not that this is any kind of suggestion for a macro
sorry I just had to spazz a little


Ahaha. Glad you like our macro-ness!
Share the Block B macro love!

I was wondering who was making all those macros…they’re great! ^^

No need to say sorry~spazzing is fun :D

- Po 

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